Give Me 10!


I have exciting new! August 25- August 31, 2017, I have the opportunity to travel to Honduras with a university

team called Global Brigades. Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led volunteer organization with an

ultimate mission of empowering families and creating sustainable change. The UNB Global Medical Brigades

group will be traveling to rural Honduras to provide health and dental care to individuals who would not

otherwise have access to health care providers and medications. The clinics consist of a dental station,

pharmacy, doctor consultation, optometry, gynecology, and adult and children’s health education. The main

goal is to not only treat the diseases we encounter, but to work with the individuals towards a stronger, healthier

community in all aspects.

As part of the fundraising efforts I have to fundraise 2500$ by the end of July, so I am running a campaign

called “Give Me Ten”, if you would be willing to contribute ten dollars to my fundraising efforts I would be

grateful! Ten dollars doesn’t seem like much but when enough people are willing to give then it goes a long way

to reaching my goal. Will you give me ten?

Thank you for everything!

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Rebekah Jackshaw